Slump block reminder

February 16, 2018 Ann Redding 3 comments

Good morning fellow HOA residents.   If you are not aware that the brick used for our walls and houses is very porous this is the time to check your brick.   After the 3 inches of rain had, many of the brick structures are very wet and dark red.  This is an indication that the brick needs to be sealed and over time if not resealed the brick will start to disintegrate.   Just a helpful reminder from your Architectural Committee . . .


3 Comments on “Slump block reminder

  1. Is there any interest or effort ongoing to find a single contractor to take this on for home owners who may be interested, as was done with the garage doors and downspouts?
    I would be interested in any info available in that regard.
    Not trying to increase your burden just pleased with the way that the garage door issue was handled.
    Thanks for all you do!

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